Hygiene, Whitening and Aligner Dental Clinic

No matter how your teeth feel, we can make them better. Our services will give you a solid foundation for healthy and brighter teeth.

Diagnosis & Check-Up

Toothache? Or just looking to improve your smile’s appearance? Have a chat with our specialists to get to the root of your problems.

Scaling & Polishing

A basic procedure that deep cleans and whitens your teeth, giving your smile a cleaner, brighter appearance.


A filling is applied to repair a tooth affected by decay, crack, fissures and other types of damage.


This simple, non-invasive treatment helps change the colour of your teeth enamel and enhance the appearance of your smile.

SEBARIS Invisible Braces

No brackets, bands or wires. Gone are the uncomfortable cuts that come with traditional straighteners and braces. SEBARIS Invisible Braces are clear and removable.


An X-ray is an essential part of any dental treatment program. It helps dentists diagnose any potential issues before they become a major (and costly) problem.

Sealants (Fissure Sealants)

Give your teeth a little more protection with our fissure sealant procedure. This provides from decay setting in caused by bacteria and food trapped in the grooves of your teeth.

Fluoride Therapy

A powerful agent in fighting against tooth decay, fluoride is naturally present in our food and water, but sometimes our teeth need a little boost.